Chapter 1306

Anne held Chloe in one hand and touched Charlie and Chris with the other, silently soothing their upset mood. If she could, she would really like to leave with her three children. However, the idea was simply unrealistic. After all, Anthony could let her go, but he would never give up on his three children. Anne fell asleep with the children in her arms, but her heart was full of sadness. Anne woke up early the next morning because the children also woke up early, surrounding her. Charlie and Chris were sprawled out on the bed, and she did not see Anthony. He had probably woken up earlier than them. "Mama…" Chloe acted coquettishly. "I want milk." Anne smiled gently. "Alright. I'll make a bottle for you." "Mm..." Chloe yawned and closed her eyes again. Anne got up and went straight out of the room, going down to prepare milk for the three little ones. Seeing this, Hayden hurried over, "Mrs. Marwood, let us do this." "It's fine. I'll do it myself." Anne wanted to take c

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