Chapter 1309

However, it was too late. The thick wooden door slammed shut. Even when they rammed into the door together, the door still did not move. Ivan roared, "Crash the door with the cars!" The bodyguards turned around and got into the cars. However, the bullets hit the car doors just as they opened them, and sparks were flickering everywhere. Bang, bang, bang! There were people wearing black hoods surrounding them outside, and their faces could not be seen. Moreover, each had guns in their hands, shooting this way. It was a fierce fight outside, and it was also a close call inside. If it were not for Anthony hugging Anne, she would already have slipped to the ground. Anne could feel the arms around her waist trembling, which meant that Anthony had the same problem as her. It's just that Anthony's body was strong, and he would not be knocked down immediately like her. However, would it not be more serious if it dragged on? Why was this happening? Did Lucas arrange this because he

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