Chapter 1318

The team stood before the door, and the bodyguard knocked. They were ready to attack. If the person inside did not open the door, they would forcefully enter. On the second knock, the door opened from the inside. Lucas looked at the people outside, and doubts flashed in his eyes. However, the people outside pushed Lucas hard before he could speak. Lucas took two steps back and looked at the uninvited guests. "Who are you? What are you doing?" "Police. Looking for someone." The policemen showed their identification badges and let him see them clearly. After entering the room, they started looking for Anne everywhere, ignoring Lucas. Any hiding places in the room were checked, but they could not find Anne. A bodyguard opened the wardrobe, only to find a change of clothes and pajamas inside, and no one was hiding. Let alone seeing Anne, there was nothing suspicious there. The bodyguard walked up to Lucas with a cold face. "Where's Mrs. Marwood?" "You're looking for Anne u

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