Chapter 1332

Anne did not speak, but her tears welled up. Of course, she would. "Even if you go back, you won't be able to help the child," Tommy said. Anne's eyes widened. "You mean...something really happened to the children?" "You must be very careful with the things you are unsure of." Tommy's robotic voice came through the drone. "Anthony is doing this because he knows you will fall for it. " Anne was at a loss. "Then...then should we go see Dr. Brown? She will tell me the truth. She was the one that helped me leave." "That's a good idea." "I'll call her!" Anne got the phone but stopped in her tracks. "I don't remember her contact information. I'd better ask the principal!" She called Lucas first, and after Lucas told her Dr. Brown's cell phone number, she immediately called Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown explained the function of the scalpels to the triplets in the intensive care unit. The triplets listened carefully, their small mouths wide. Charlie asked, "Are we here just to le

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