Chapter 1360

She only did not know why Anthony brought up the old memories. Most of their old memories were unpleasant ones. "Thank you." Anne still thanked him. That was the best that she could say to Anthony. "Who allowed you to say thank you?" Anthony said coldly. "I'm sorry, that was out of habit…" Anne wanted to explain herself. When she turned to leave, she realized he let her go. Even the hand on her waist was released. When she regained her senses, Anthony was already back in the house. Was he… mad at her? Anthony entered the study, pulled out his drawer, took out the medicine, and hastily popped them into his mouth. He did not even take a sip of water but swallowed it directly. The pills swept past his dry esophagus, but he could not feel anything. His face was darker than the darkest plum. The flustered feeling appeared just now, and he almost could not control himself. Kathryn said, "When you cannot control it, it is best to keep your distance from Mrs. Marwood." An

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