Chapter 1376

Ashlyn sighed a breath of relief. "Oh. I will try my best to get home before you do, then." "Sure." After hanging up, Ashlynn returned to the house while Corentin tightened his grip around his phone as though it was Ashlynn's neck. Not only had she gone to the Hilton's frequently, but she had also started lying to him about it. 'Is that how she's supposed to treat me? Is that how she's supposed to treat Beth, who killed our son?' He thought angrily. Ashlynn sat down on the couch, and Beth asked, "Something important came up?" She shook her head. "No." They heard a car approaching, followed by Jeremy's entrance into the house. "You are all here?" He sat down next to Ashlynn. "Stay here tonight!" Ashlynn's room was just as luxurious as Jeremy's, but she had not stayed the night there after being threatened by Corentin. "Maybe next time..." "You say that a lot," Jeremy said. Ashlynn felt uncomfortable because she did say that a lot. "It's not like you stay home every night," M

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