Chapter 1384

It was obvious that Corentin was the issue. Corentin sat down on the couch, ignoring Beth and Marshall, while Ashlynn sat down next to him with her back straightened. Meredith glared daggers at Ashlynn. "What's so important that I need to come over right away?" Beth was amazed by just how arrogant Corentin was. He had shown no manners and was the complete opposite of the gentleman-like demeanor he showed on the outside. One should never judge a book by its cover and after being in close proximity with Corentin, Beth had finally seen his true self and decided that a man like him did not deserve to be with her daughter; even though her daughter grew up in the slum, she was a high-born by blood. Cory glanced at Ashlynn sternly. "Did you injure someone from the Hilton Family?" Before Ashlynn could respond, Corentin sneered darkly. "I heard about what happened. That's just a servant, so why are you all making a fuss over this? Ashlynn is my woman and even if she hurts someone in a po

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