Chapter 138

"By the way, three children knocked on your door just now," Sarah said. Anne's hand holding the utensils trembled, and her expression tensed. Did they? Did she see their faces? "It's the three children your mother was babysitting. Strange, why are they here?" Sarah asked. "They went to the wrong floor, probably!" "Yes, the children said that they went to the wrong door. I don't understand why the kids' parents have the money to hire your mom as a babysitter but live in such a broken-down apartment! Perhaps it's because your mother doesn't charge them much," Sarah spoke bluntly. Anne was silent, thinking about her children. They sure did some quick thinking. However, how would they get in touch with Lucas? Did they know Lucas's number? Anyway, with such smart children, she could rest assured knowing they would be able to fend for themselves. "By the way, you have to find some time to go on a date with Lucas!" Sarah was very excited. "No, I don't think I'm worthy of

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