Chapter 1407

However, Ashlynn got married early because of Salvatore. Even though she knew she could still work hard for her career if she were married, something terrible happened after that. Her dream of ​​starting a business was buried directly in the shadows, and she went through a long period of counseling... Anyway, she was depressed and deeply traumatized… During dinner, Beth said, "Why don't you stay the night? Then, we'll go shopping tomorrow afternoon, and I'll take you back home." Ashlynn did not hesitate and agreed, "Mm, okay." She planned to be nicer to Corentin when she called him later. After dinner, Ashlynn returned to her room, took out her phone, and called Corentin. "Corentin, I'm staying at my mom's tonight, and I'll go shopping with her tomorrow afternoon. Then, I'll go to the Lloyd Group to find you. Is that okay?" "What if I say it's not okay?" "Come on. It's just one night," Ashlyn said. Corentin hung up the call directly. He could not care less how expensive t

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