Chapter 1426

Teagan did not expect that someone else would also be around. "Who are you?" Her expression looked as if Alexis was the uninvited guest instead. "I am her mother-in-law. Who are you?" Alexis was curious. Before Ashlynn said anything, Teagan started introducing herself, "I am Ashlynn's father's girlfriend." "Oh. I see." Alexis understood. Just as Ashlynn wanted to deny it, she was pulled away by Alexis. "You've been downstairs for quite a while. The biscuits still need some time before they're done. Go upstairs to have a rest. I'll entertain this guest." "She's not…" "It's fine. It's fine. Leave it to me. Don't worry!" Alexis ordered the servant next to them, "Take her upstairs to have a rest." Ashlynn shot a cold glance at Teagan. Indeed, she truly did not wish to interact with this person deep down. Before she went upstairs, she said, "Just kick her out. There's no need for you to entertain her." "I know, I know. Hurry up upstairs and have a rest!" After Ashlynn returned to

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