Chapter 1432

When Corentin saw that her life was not in danger, his tense face relaxed, and the corner of his lower lip curled up. "With me here, you can't die." Ashlynn gasped weakly in his arms. Although she did not die, her lungs were burning. "I'll take you to the hospital," Corentin said. The escaped man was caught and thrown into the bathhouse, his feet slipping and causing him to fall to the ground with a thud. Corentin's gloomy and terrifying eyes swept over the man. He held Ashlynn in his arms and slowly hugged her. "Why dirty my eyes by bringing him here? Just find a place and get rid of him! I don't care how painful he feels!" "Yes, sir!" Ashlynn nestled in Corentin's arms, not daring to move, and looked at the man slowly getting up from the ground not far away. His eyes were filled with hatred and a desire to kill. She immediately felt that something was going to go wrong. Sure enough, in the next second, he pushed away the men beside him, rushed forward, and tore off hi

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