Chapter 1434

Ashlynn examined his grip and clenched her hand even tighter as if trying to break it. The pain was written all over her face. When Corentin noticed the strength he was using and relaxed his grip slightly, Ashlynn took the opportunity to pull her hand away and stand up, moving to the side. "Salvatore, even though I went to a prestigious school and have a bright future ahead of me, I still value traditional values and hope to lead a simple life. If you care about me, please don't embarrass me and give me the freedom to make my own choices." Corentin's amber eyes glared at her, resembling a wild wolf in the forest as he bared his bloody fangs. "Ultimately, you still decided to leave me!" Ashlynn asked, "Do you really think we're a good match? Our personalities will never align. I've made up my mind and I won't be returning to the mansion. I'll live with my parents instead." After saying this, she turned and left the room. As soon as her hand touched the doorknob, Corentin's

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