Chapter 1440

He looked like he had just killed someone. His Rolls Loyce followed behind, keeping a close distance, but no one dared to catch up and talk to him. After walking for an unknown amount of time, tears rolled down Anthony's eyes because his heart hurt so badly. It seemed that a hand was tearing open his chest, and he could even smell his own blood. How could Anne die? They had been entangled for so many years. How could she die? Tommy's words filled his head, turning into a sharp weapon, cutting open his heart, which was unbearable. His tears kept falling down. Anthony only cried once when he was born and once when his mother died. As he grew up, no matter how much psychological suffering he endured or how difficult the obstacles in his business were, he would never cry. Now, standing by the side of the busy street, he could not stop crying. The sadness in his heart was inflating like a balloon, about to blow him up. In his blurred vision, someone passed by him, and th

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