Chapter 1443

Anne knew that when she left, the school was not yet officially in operation. Over time, a lot has changed. Even Anthony had another woman by his side. "No, I'll just go there by myself," Anne said. "I am worried about you. If those people show up again, you will be hurt," Tommy said, concerned. "It will be safe in the country, just go back," Anne insisted. Tommy did not say anything more. Although the situation turned out differently than expected, it was not too disappointing. "Call me if you need anything. After all, I saved your life. Your life belongs to me, sort of," Tommy said. Anne agreed and nodded. Tommy stroked her head and smiled, an eerie tenderness in his eyes. Three days later, Anne bought a plane ticket and boarded the plane. Anne's mood was indescribably turbulent. She turned on her phone and looked at the photos of the triplets in the photo album. This scene was so familiar. She had also looked at the triplets' photos on her phone when she

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