Chapter 1456

Then, she turned around to open the door. Before she could even reach the doorknob, her arm was grabbed by Anthony. Her vision swiveled, and she was pinned onto the door. Her body was pressed against Anthony's strong and buff body. Anne's facial expression changed, and her breathing was uneven. "Anthony, please get this straight. We are no longer like before!" "I know." Anthony's gesture was dominant, but his gaze was so earnest, as though it would drip out anytime. "I will let you go back to the room, but the kids outside are probably not too far away. If you walk out that way, they would be sad." As soon as Anne heard that, she paused. Even though she said she wanted to come clean to the children, she still subconsciously did not want to. "There's no need to clarify it, I will not force you to do something that you are not willing to do," Anthony said, then he slowly released her. Anne regained her freedom. She stood straight and then tidied the ruffled clothes because

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