Chapter 1462

Just when she looked out of the window, she felt the threat in the atmosphere. Then, Anthony sat next to her and pressed right onto her. "You… Uhm!" Anne felt suffocated, and he kissed her soft lips gently. Her breath was filled with Anthony's dominant breath, shooting right to her lungs. Anne used her hands to push him. Her hands were on his chest. She could feel the warmth and the heat in her palm, and her arms were feeling weak. "Anthony… Uhm…" She could barely manage a gap in her mouth when she was kissed again. It was a thorough kiss from the inside out. Anthony sucked all the saliva from inside of her mouth, then only released her. Anthony's dark eyes looked at Anne, who was still zoning out. He felt his heart go soft, and he said hoarsely, "So sweet." Almost as though as soon as Anne showed any signs of releasing, he would turn into a beast and pounce right onto her. "You… You said you would not touch me." Anne was unhappy, and she tried her best to glare at him

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