Chapter 1474

"Let's go together." Anne was stunned by his words for a moment and thought to herself, 'Are we two high-school girls or something? Why are we going to the bathroom together? Besides, you aren't even a girl! Why would a guy and a woman go to the bathroom together?' "You can go ahead. I will go over to the other side..." Anne kept her head bowed and made way for him. As soon as she walked past the door, Anthony dragged her backward by the wrist. "The other one is under repair." "Then I'm going upstairs." Since there were plenty of bathrooms in the Royal Mansion, they could not possibly all be under repair. Anthony stared at her intently. "Why are you scared? I won't do anything." She pulled her hand away. "You are being ridiculous." She headed outside. Anthony did not stop her again and smiled, seemingly pleased with Anne's reaction. The children returned home afterward, and Anne stayed with them the entire time. After dinner, the triplets pleaded for their parents to play with

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