Chapter 1485

Anne wanted to show her rage and contempt for Anthony, hoping that would drive him away or to retort with the same attitude at the very least, but Anthony had exceeded her expectation and remained extremely gentle. Tears welled in Anne's eyes, not wanting to show her weakness in front of Anthony, she turned her back at him. "I'm doing fine as long as you stay away from me. I'm begging you, Anthony, go back to Luton, okay?" Anne tried her best to remain a leveled voice. Anthony tensed and narrowed his eyes at the pain in his chest, before responding in a hoarse voice, "I know I'm doing this wrong, but I'm trying. Don't worry. I won't bother you. Get some rest." He then turned to leave. The sound of the door closing struck Anne's heart like lightning, bringing her in tears as she closed her eyes in despair. She could stop herself from loving Anthony and accept that he was seeing another woman, but she could not let anything happen to him. In the next instant, she opened her eyes and

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