Chapter 1497

Anne thought about it. "If we go together, they are definitely going to be alarmed. We can't give him the chance to be prepared, or Lucia will be in danger. Let me give him a call and see what he says. We can decide what to do after that." She grabbed the phone and dialed the number from earlier. "Anthony isn't here anymore. Just tell me what you want. Why do you have Lucia?" Anne cut to the chase. Though she knew that she was likely speaking to the masked man, she could not be certain if he had captured Lucia himself or merely had his subordinates do it. "Shouldn't you know what I want by now? I thought I was clear." "He is the father of my children. I can't kill him. Can you just spare me and give me another target to kill instead?" "If you won't do it, someone else will. Tianya will never stop until our targets fall dead." "I will come in exchange for Lucia. How is that?" Anne asked. "You?" "Yeah. I won't quit Tianya and I will leave with you. Just don't hurt anyone around m

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