Chapter 1511

The safest place in the world was beside Anthony. Tommy could never defeat Anthony in the first place, so he would definitely be caught. Anne was calm. She wanted to solve all problems and be Anthony's wife, not his sister. She was the mother of the triplets, and she was not the weakling who wanted to escape. After the meal, the servants had just put away the tableware when a woman walked in. Anne was stunned when she found it was Kathryn. Kathryn was like an old friend, and Anne naturally remembered her. Anne and Kathryn looked at each other and smiled. However, Anne was confused. "Who is sick?" Kathryn was a doctor and was definitely not here to see her. At least not at the Royal Mansion. Anthony held Anne's wrist tightly and said, "Take a blood test to check your body." Anne was even more puzzled. Why did she have to check her body? She said, "I'm feeling fine." Even though Anne was drugged by Tommy before, the effect was relieved by Anthony's horrifying physical st

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