Chapter 1518

The light in the study room was not turned on, and the darkness inside covered Corentin's face. In an instant, he looked gloomy and terrifying. Then, he answered the phone in a devilish tone, "Who revealed the news!" "I-It was that doctor." "Then shut him up!" "Yes, we'll teach him a lesson!" "Teach him a lesson? I believe that only dead people can help me keep secrets." Corentin hung up the call, and his mood was unstable. Walking out of the study, he returned to normal. In fact, he even went to the kitchen to get food in a good mood, delivering it to the bedroom in person and feeding Ashlynn. While Ashlynn was eating, the doctor was already found by Corentin's subordinates and tortured. In the end, he was thrown into the ocean. When Anne arrived, the doctor was already replaced by another doctor. Anthony, Anne, and Kathryn were in the hospital conference room. Through Kathryn's conversation with the doctor, the condition in Athetin was also a special case. "This is an

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