Chapter 1530

If she were to stay there, she could give him a hand. Anne left the Royal Mansion in a car. However, as soon as she left the radius of The Curve, she was marked. "Mrs. Marwood, someone is following us," said the driver after he found out. Anne looked at the car behind them from the rearview mirror, and there was indeed a car tailing them. It was unknown if the person had noticed that they had spotted the car, but the car tailing behind them suddenly sped up. Anne's driver sped up as well. Every single car at the Royal Mansion was luxurious cars with excellent performance. Once the driver sped up, he shook off the car behind them very soon, and the car was no longer in sight anymore. Just when he thought he had shaken the person off, a woman appeared right in the middle of the road in front of them. She just stood there and faced the speeding car head-on without caring about her life at all. Anne remembered that woman. She was an assassin from Tianya. The driver did not intend

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