Chapter 1539

It was Lucia who was calling. Anne was frozen. She did not know if she should answer it or not. She was reluctant deep down. Because even if she did not answer her call, she already knew what she was going to say. However, if she did not answer it, she would feel bad. After hesitating, she answered the call, "Lucia, I'm occupied today, so I won't be going over. You'll be fine, right?" "It's fine. How could I ask you to come over every day? I'm already very happy for you to be able to visit me occasionally." She could still tell from Lucia's voice that she was disappointed. Anne pretended that she did not notice Lucia was putting on a forced smile, and said, "Have a good rest then. Don't think about anything." "Alright. Have you found the person who harmed me yet?" "It won't be so soon. Tommy should be in hiding. We also haven't found the hideout for the group either. But we will find it." "I believe you. I believe Mr. Marwood too," said Lucia, "are you together with Mr. Marwo

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