Chapter 1542

"You didn't expect me to still be here, did you? The three-year term is over, but maybe I have already gotten used to being here and I've also seen through a lot," said Ron as he carefully surveyed Anne. "How are you? Has Anthony been good to you? Other than the last time, you've not been here for a very long time, haven't you? Did something happen?" "I'm doing great," said Anne. The person in front of her was Anthony's father and the triplets' grandfather. Even if there was a problem, it was between Ron and his son. She has no right to interfere, and she also did not want to interfere. After she said that, she wanted to turn around and walk away. "Anne, do you still hate me?" Ron called out to her. Anne roughly understood his concern. She glanced at the tombstones next to her and said, "You're not the person who caused it, so I have no reason to hate you." Ron said, "But you treat me like I'm a stranger. I don't expect Anthony to forgive me, but I hope he could treat you well.

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