Chapter 1564

When Corentin got to the bar, Owen had already died because he lost too much blood and the resuscitation failed. The atmosphere was unusually grave among the brotherhood of men who used to hang out together in the past. It was impossible for Paul, who was the closest to Owen, to not feel saddened. Corentin maintained a suppressed silence while looking at Owen's body. Paul told him in detail about their mission at night, "...I asked Owen to retreat. He didn't and he fought with Ivan. If I had arrived slightly later, he would have been captured alive." "I've long said that Owen's temper will have him killed one day." Corentin wore a gloomy expression on his face. Paul had tried to talk some sense into Owen in private! However, Owen's character was simply hot-tempered. It was very easy for him to act on impulse. "Mr. Lloyd, we have to avenge Owen!" One of the associates shouted. The rest echoed, "Yes. If we don't take revenge, they won't take us seriously!" Paul shot a glance at

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