Chapter 1577

How could he have so little regard for human life?! Corentin's expression darkened. "Do you think I would be so foolish to let everyone know this has something to do with me?" Anne was slightly stunned. "Do you mean you have no clue about it at all?" "Anne, it's not good if you keep suspecting me." "I wasn't suspecting you before this. You were the one who admitted it yourself." Corentin lightly tapped the table with the pen in his hand. "Why don't I admit it now, then?" Anne was at a loss for words. Could this truly have nothing to do with Corentin? Could it be… "Anne." Ashlynn, who was behind Anne, came over and stood up for Corentin. "It can't be Corentin's doing." If Salvatore truly wanted to have something done, the first thing he would have done was to completely get rid of any connections of him to the incident. How could he have done something so obvious to everyone? Anne felt that she was too impulsive as well. "I was too anxious. I'm sorry, Uncle. I'll inform you

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