Chapter 1580

Marshall and Beth could not believe it as they looked at the heartless Corentin. "Corentin, are you even a human? Marshall and I are your wife's parents!" Beth was furious. However, Corentin did not respond at all. "Do you really care about Ash if you're doing this? If she learned that her parents were killed by you, how much pain would she feel and how deeply would she hate you?" Beth felt both furious and in pain. Marshall no longer wanted to speak to Corentin anymore because he noticed the woman was walking toward them with murderous intent in her eyes. He hurriedly held Beth's hand. "Let's go!" Both of them ran out of the chemical plant. The assassin simply walked out of there in an unhurried manner. Not long after, two miserable screams could be heard coming from outside. Corentin walked out and saw the couple, who was still breathing, lying in a puddle of blood. The assassin was standing next to them. Blood was still dripping from the knife in her hand. It was a terrifyin

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