Chapter 1582

Just when she had no idea what she should do, Corentin, who was next to her, said, "Let's go. Don't let Ash get suspicious." However, Jeremy did not move. He was so dazed that he looked like he was numbed. Clearly, he was too saddened. "I want to be alone." Anne and Corentin understood. Both his parents were murdered, so how could he be calm? "Why don't I stay here to keep you company?" Anne was worried. "I'm fine," Jeremy said flatly. Therefore, they left him there alone. Anne left in Corentin's car. Jeremy's lonely figure as he stood in front of the tombstones could be seen outside the car window as they drove past him. If Jeremy had been so beaten by the news, Ashlynn would be much worse. They could not imagine the consequences. Just like Corentin said, they absolutely could not let Ashlynn know for the sake of the child in her belly… Corentin went to the company while Anne went to the mansion. After all, it would be too strange for them to return together. Ashlynn woul

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