Chapter 1594

Jeremy found her question strange, so he made a guess. "Could it be that you have it?" "Yes, that's why I'm asking you." Anne did not hide. "If you have it and I don't, then you didn't get it from that day. Could it be…Corentin's mansion?" Jeremy was serious. "It can't be." "How could you be sure?" Jeremy found it suspicious. "I don't have it, but you do, and you've stayed at Corentin's mansion the whole time!" Jeremy got more and more worked up. Anne knew he was worried about Ashlynn. If she were infected at Corentin's home, then Ashlynn could be infected. Ashlynn was pregnant. Everybody knew very well how serious the outcome would be if she were infected without a cure. Anne knew Corentin would not harm Ashlynn. This, she could be certain. Also, it was not convenient for her to disclose more to Jeremy at that moment. "Corentin would have long noticed it if something was wrong at the mansion. I got this from being in contact with others in Athetin. Don't worry. People who liv

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