Chapter 162

Anthony finished his meal and walked out of the restaurant. Next to him was the gorgeous Bianca. The dark pair of eyes swept past as though it was covered with a layer of ice, making people feel uneasy about it. Anne was scared and pulled her gaze back. She sat up. Her spine was almost as straight as a ruler. "He left. Don't mind him. As I said, he only has eyes for Bianca now. There's no place for you." Tommy looked at the pair that left, unbothered. Anne looked at him coldly and said in a soft voice, "You did this on purpose!" Tommy did not attempt to hide his intention at all. "Don't you want to see? What is Anthony's reaction? What kind of reaction do you wish for from him?" Anne looked down and pondered. That was true. If Anthony ignored her no matter what she did, then how far was she from herself then? It would probably not take long, not even half a year. More accurately, perhaps staying in Luton would be safe. Of course, she had a secret to hide. No matter ho

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