Chapter 169

Oliver followed him into the office as he reported all the updates. Anthony took off his jacket and casually laid it on the couch before walking toward his desk while loosening his collar. Oliver took it that Anthony was satisfied with the company's progress since he had not raised any questions. After a pause, Oliver added, "Ms. Vallois has quitted the Aesthetic Clinic's side. Michelle Grainger wanted her gone, so I agreed to her request." As soon as he said those words, he began to panic at Anthony's silence. Though Anthony remained quiet earlier, Oliver was still anxious as he sensed the tension inside the office. Just as he thought that he had done something wrong, he heard Anthony's emotionless voice saying, "Alright." Oliver nodded carefully before leaving the room. He did not notice his heart racing until the door was closed. He realized that he had been overthinking since Anthony did not seem to care about Anne any longer. Oliver had meant to save Anthony the trouble. S

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