Chapter 180

"How dare you threaten me?" His eyes were filled with malicious anger as he questioned in a furious voice. "It hurts..." Her face twitched in pain as she struggled to speak. "Yeah, I... only have one life, so... so even if you manage to do as you please now, I am... going to slit my own throat as soon as you are gone. Why don't you try me..." Her drunken voice was weak, but every word was laced with determination. He grabbed her by the jaw, and because her face was small, he could almost hold her entire with just one of his hands. "Playing the virtuous woman now, are we? For who, hm?" he questioned viciously. "Looks like you have really taken a liking to the kindergarten principal!" "It's not that... I just... don't think we should be doing this anymore if you've already decided to cast me aside..." He shoved her aside with a dark, vengeful expression. "I look forward to seeing what would happen to that principal now that he has you on his tail." With that, he turned and left. A

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