Chapter 187

'If that's the case, why would Anthony touch me, in the Royal Mansion no less?' She thought, 'I guess he is just sick in the head like that!' She struggled to move her heavy feet toward the Marwood Group to work, feeling glad that she had taken her clothes off ahead of time, or her clothes would have been all ruined by now. She paid close attention to the news throughout the day and in the afternoon, a new update was released concerning the incident that happened in the Pinnacle Academy, after further investigation, it seemed as though the parents of the student who committed suicide had made false accusation because they missed their daughter too much. The parents were given a lecture and the situation was considered resolved just like that, as though everything was just a play. The burden on Anne's chest was lifted, but at the same time, she was terrified by just how powerful Anthony was in Luton. Anne also paid attention to any news about Michelle, and Michelle's collaboration w

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