Chapter 210

Anthony's cold inky-black eyes hardened, making it impossible to guess what was going through his mind. "I promise! I will stay in Luton obediently and go about my business without showing my face before you and Bianca while I investigate Cheyenne's death," short of nearly raising her hands to swear on it. She lowered her gaze after she finished. "My dad had already ended up in this situation, so no one will pull anything stupid anymore..." She was anxious that Anthony would disagree with it. However, for what reason did he have to agree with it? His Bianca might get hurt if she was permitted to continue staying in Luton. How to forcibly drove her out of Luton… "Get out," said Anthony in a deep and intimidating voice. Anne's heart skipped a beat, looking up at Anthony with bewildered eyes. "Did you finally agree to let me stay?" "Get lost before I change my mind." Anthony's eyes were dark and solemn. Anne jolted and hurriedly got out of the car. She watched the Rolls Loyce of

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