Chapter 216

Who the hell was the one being a pain in the neck? Everything between her and Anthony was forced! It was unavoidable! If Anne could, she would love to take the children and disappear! Anne walked out of the cafe angrily. However, a car rushed out from the side and slammed into her just as she was about to cross the road. "Ah!" Anne could not dodge in time and fell. The car window rolled down, showing Bianca's spiteful expression. "Look where you're going! Otherwise, you might be hit!" Anne watched as the car drove away, and it took a while for colors to return to her pale face. However, she had scraped her elbow on the ground, and it was hurting. Anne lifted her sleeve and saw a huge abrasion on her hand, oozing blood. Thankfully, there was no other issue. Anne knew that Bianca was just warning her. Otherwise, she would have been dead from the hit. Nonetheless, Bianca was just trying to frighten Anne. After all, scandals about a piano master being a killer was also bad fo

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