Chapter 222

Looking past Tommy's shoulders and met those cold, obsidian eyes. Anne's face changed dramatically, and she pushed Tommy away. Tommy pretended just to notice Anthony, and he laughed. "Anthony, it's you. Don't mind us. We can't help ourselves." "Tommy, you're also a person of status. This type of woman will only embarrass you and bring misfortune to the Marwood family. Your dad is the best example," Anthony said coldly. On the surface, it seemed as if he was lecturing Tommy, but every word was actually belittling and humiliating Anne. "Yes, I got it." Tommy smiled, always acting like the obedient younger brother. However, Anne knew he was a vile person. "If I catch you acting like this again, none of you can stay in Marwood Group anymore." Anthony left after warning them. The cold gaze swept over, and Anne shuddered as she suddenly felt chilly. The pressure in the air finally turned to normal when Anthony disappeared into the elevator. Anne did not want to talk to Tomm

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