Chapter 228

"Ah!" Anne fell to the ground, and the danger made her turn instinctively. Then, she faced the violent Anthony and mumbled, "You can't do this to me… You can't..." Anthony scoffed, appearing cold-blooded. Next, he called and ordered, "Beat her to death!" After that, Anthony put the call on speaker. Anne heard Sarah's panic scream when she was beaten, making her scalp tingle and her face pale. Even though Sarah had abandoned her, they were still family. Anne crawled over anxiously and hugged Anthony's long legs, crying and begging, "Please, don't do this! Ask them to stop! They'll beat her to death! Please, stop!" Anthony stared at her from above. He seemed cruel and had no intention of stopping. Sarah's screams on the speakerphone got louder, and Anne cried out, "Don't! That's enough! Anthony, please! I was wrong! I was wrong..." She even forced herself to stand, wanting to kiss his lips to please and make him show mercy. However, Anthony pushed her away and grabbed her face

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