Chapter 274

Anthony returned to the corridor with a dark expression and a little handprint on his trousers. He did not quite know why he had decided to come to the sixth floor to see the children. Was it because of what Anne said? His mood worsened at the thought. Anne dared not go up to the sixth floor until she saw Anthony's car leaving. She closed the apartment door behind her as soon as she went inside, and when she saw her children running toward her, she immediately moved away. "No, wait. My clothes will get dirty..." "Mama, that...that guy came to look for us!" Charlie said. "Is he with Mama?" Chloe asked. "Was he with you last night, Mama?" Chris asked curiously. Anne felt as though her children had seen right through her. "No, he just happens to be in the area..." What else could she say? When the children returned to their games, she whispered to the nanny, "Did he say anything?" "Nothing. He just acted like he had the wrong door and left. It was weird," the nanny said. Anne

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