Chapter 278

Bianca stood still and clenched her fists until her nails were stabbing into her palms. The jealousy she felt did not ease until she saw the pool of blood on the ground. 'Anne Vallois, you are no match for me!' she thought. Meanwhile, Anthony stormed off with Anne in his arms, and even the driver struggled to react to how terrifying his presence was. "The hospital!" Anthony commanded. The driver immediately started the engine and took off steadily to the highway. Tension continued to rise inside the car, along with a suffocating scent of blood that filled the air. Anne grunted in pain in Anthony’s arms and quivered uncontrollably. He grabbed her by the chin and reminded her with a low voice, "Take deep breaths..." She followed the command instinctively, but the pain remained, and even her lips were pale. The sweat scrolled down her forehead and to her hair. "We are almost at the hospital." Anthony tried to wipe away her sweat but was stunned when he noticed his own blood-staine

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