Chapter 285

Anne tensed at the realization that Anthony was going to get involved in the investigation, but she was certain that Bianca was the one pulling the strings. Anne did not know if Anthony was aware of that, but even if he did not, he would surely side with Bianca when he eventually found out. There was no hope in justice and she simply felt pressured, because she knew that she would have to swallow her pride and accept it when Anthony decided to cover the truth up for Bianca's sake. Just then, Anthony’s phone started vibrating. He glanced at it and answered, "What's wrong?" Noticing his gentle tone, Anne immediately realized that it was Bianca on the phone. "I'm at the hospital...sure, come over." 'Bianca is coming here?' Anne thought, 'Does that mean I get to confront her? Why do I get the feeling that this isn't that simple?' She then heard knocking on the door and the doctor walked inside. The doctor was bold and had a huge belly with greed written all over his face. The docto

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