Chapter 289

Lucas wrapped his arm around the three of them. "Have you missed me?" "We have!" "Here are your gifts," Lucas said as the driver behind him brought bags of souvenirs into the living room. The triplets cheered and ran over. "Why did you come home so early? Is everything settled?" Anne asked. "Yeah, nothing of import left to deal with," Lucas said. "I should have told you, but I wanted to surprise you." She chuckled, "Consider me surprised. Is Tommy back as well?" "No. He is the boss, so he won't be back so soon." He studied her face and asked, "are you ill? You don't look so well." She touched her face and said, "Really? I don't feel anything." Her body had been traumatized only five days ago, so she wouldn't be able to recover so soon after the surgery. "Have you eaten? Why don't I cook something for you?" She changed the subject. "I ate on the plane, so I'm good. I'll stay for a while and go home later." Charlie received a beautiful toy knife, Chloe received a limited-edit

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