Chapter 325

Two hours later, Nigel received the paternity test, which indicated that he was Anne's biological father. Nigel's hands were shaking. Sarah was actually pregnant with his child back then. When did she find out she was pregnant? After or before the breakup? Nigel sat on the bench for a long time and did not leave, feeling very upset. He did not know he had another daughter, letting her grow up without fatherly love. He felt extremely guilty. Anne was home alone and had nothing to do, so she went for a walk. Later, she went to the children's clothing store, wanting to buy a few pairs of shoes for the triplets. Anne felt like someone was following her as she walked along the road. Finally, she turned and was shocked to find Nigel standing not far from her. Why did they meet again? Nigel approached Anne and stared at her face as if wanting to make up for the missing years. He knew that looking at her this way would not be enough, but how could he tell her that he was her biologi

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