Chapter 353

Perhaps Nigel saw through her, or perhaps Nigel also wanted to hug this daughter who had never been hugged before. When Bianca was young, he often hugged her. He gently hugged Anne into his arms. Anne blushed, and her heart beat a little faster. The affection of her family made her eyes watery. Seeing that scene in the dark, Anthony turned and left with a cold expression. After seeing the house, Nigel sent her back. Anne went upstairs and stepped on the steps happily. Up to the fifth floor, then to the sixth floor. Just as she stepped onto the sixth floor, her body froze. She felt the familiar aura of dominance in the air. Anne stopped, turned around, and saw nothing. However, the fear that came from the heart was still there. When she came up, she did not see a Rolls Loyce. She took out her mobile phone to check the location of Anthony. He was indeed near her. Why was he here? What was he going to do to her? Her body had been violated many times by hi

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