Chapter 366

His last words sounded extremely strange, and anyone who was not a fool could tell that Elder Marwood was about to harm Sarah. Anthony walked up to Ron. Terrified by Anthony's presence, Ron paled and backed away. "Anthony, I am your father. What are you trying to do? Ah!" He missed a step by accident and fell down the stairs awkwardly. Anthony stood above the stairs and looked down at him before saying in an emotionless voice, "Get the words out: Elder Marwood is critically ill. As for you, you will be in mourning once Elder Marwood passes away!" He then turned to leave, followed by his team of bodyguards. Ron sat on the ground with chills running down his spine; he felt glad Elder Marwood was healthy enough and would not perish any time soon. Anne spared Ron no mind and went to help untie Sarah hurriedly. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" "I'm fine. How's your arm?" "It's fine." Once Sarah's hands were freed, she grabbed Anne by the arm. "What do you mean, fine? There's blood all

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