Chapter 378

After Elder Marwood's death, Ron was sent away to mourn for him. With Ron gone, Damian was overjoyed and he showed up at Tommy's office grinning ear to ear. "It's great. We hadn't even done anything yet, and they were already fighting amongst themselves. This doesn't mean we can sit on our thumbs, though. Have you asked Anne? I'm sure that Sarah has something to do with your grandfather's death and Ron being sent away." "I asked. Sarah just wasn't content with what she got." Tommy leaned back on his chair and played with his phone with his legs resting on the desk. He was not at all concerned, but Damian was. It was a crucial time, and there could be no mistakes. If they managed to find any fault in Anthony, they would hold all the power in the Marwood Group. Damian believed that anyone would have a weakness, and Anthony should be no exception. "And you really believe that?" Damian felt defeated by how naive his son was. "Let me tell you this, but your uncle will never surrender hi

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