Chapter 387

Damian would not be foolish enough to do something, knowing that he would appear suspicious. Anne wondered if Anthony had found anything and after what happened at noon, she could not quite ask him about it. She had always been wary toward Anthony. Anthony had kept his words for Nigel's sake, but she had broken the pack and allowed Anthony to touch her, so there might happen again and there would be no end to it. Anne sighed with resignation and checked the missed calls on her phone to find that Nigel had called her twice around noon. She walked out of the Archduke Group and called him back as she walked toward the subway station. "Dad, what's wrong?" "Did you go to work today?" Nigel asked. She subconsciously wanted to hide her track, but the fact that she did not go to work was not exactly a secret, so he would see right through her if she tried to lie. "No." "Today's not a Sunday. Did you take leave?" "I had a bit too much to drink last night during our company's gathering

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