Chapter 38

Anne staggered back. "Can you hold a gun? Can you fire one? Want me to teach you?" Anthony pressed down on the trigger. "Ah!" Anne put her hands to her head in fright, and her legs gave way. When she came to her senses, she did not feel any pain because the bullet did not hit her. "Get out of my sight, or I will fire the second shot," Anthony said indifferently. Anne turned around and walked out of the hall. A car was waiting outside, and she got in the car. The car had been driven away for quite a distance, her body was still shaking. She was in great trauma and needed enough time to recover. Returning to her apartment, she closed the door and smashed a chair while roaring, "Anthony, you lunatic! You lunatic!" When she was twelve years old, Anthony was less scary. At least he did not have a gun! That was not the case now. What did he want to do? Murder someone? If he really killed someone, what could others do? Nothing! No one would ever dare to investigate h

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