Chapter 404

Maybe Bianca, who was wronged, was now crying and acting weak in front of Anthony. If Anthony felt pity toward her, then this problem would be bigger. Everyone would suffer. However, if she could know in advance what sinister means Bianca was plotting, she could protect herself. It was not an act to offend Bianca and Anthony. In the evening, Anthony did not come for dinner. He must be trying to appease his fiancee. Anne hoped that Anthony would never appear. After a week of taking care of the children and going to work as usual, Anthony showed no sign of appearing. As if the event of that day were having a positive effect. Anne had always paid attention to Anthony's position. The Royal Mansion, the Archduke Group, where all the entertainment locations were located. No signs of him getting close to her. Because the house was under renovation, Anne occasionally contacted the designer and decorator. She would not go to the condo unless it was necessary. However, there were indeed

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