Chapter 407

"Do you have any plans later?" Sarah asked. "Why did you ask?" "Let's have a meal together," she sounded unnatural when she asked him. "Forget about it if you have something planned, since it's not a must anyway. I thought of treating you to a meal to repay you for helping me, so don't think too much." Nigel did not expect Sarah to invite her to a meal since he was the one who wronged her then, so she thought she would hate him. "I have nothing planned for later." After that, they went for a meal. Nigel could tell Sarah was not bothered by what he had done in the past. However, it was an awkward atmosphere, unlike a meeting between buddies. "Were you in contact with Anne lately?" Sarah asked. "Yeah, I saw her last week, and I will give her a call when I have time," Nigel replied. "Where did the house you buy was located? That kid refused to tell me anything, and god knows why she kept it a secret from me." Sarah was not mad but was nagging like what mothers did. Nigel smiled

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