Chapter 426

Lucas said nothing but just looked at her. Anne felt awkward from being stared at by Lucas. Then, she took a sip of her coffee and pursed her lips. "How have you been?" Lucas asked, suppressing his emotions. "As usual…I go to work every day, spend time with the kids…" "You know what I'm saying." "He's already engaged to Bianca, so it's no different than before." Anne appeared tense. Lucas's gaze became cold. "It's almost time. I'll take the little ones back first," Anne said. "Sure." Lucas did not stop her. Anne got up and left. Lucas put down his coffee and glanced out the window. Teachers and students were passing by, but none of the school scenery caught his attention… On the way home with her children, Anne received a call. When she saw that it was Michelle, she quickly muted her phone. It was only after Anne got home and spent some time with the triplets that she took the time to call Michelle back. "Are you trying to burn the bridges after all that?" Michelle said

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